Monday 01/05/06

May Day Bank Holiday

Today I'm doing a Video Extravaganza through the webcam. A different video every hour on the hour. Day starts horrible and wet, pouring with rain. This moves away by 2.30, to be replaced by cumulus clouds. Not very warm, only 9C. In the south of England, temperatures are expected to reach 24 C by the end of the week. Isles FM blandly denies that there is any local news today. Read yesterday's entry. The afternoon ends breezy but sunny. Pictures on the Lighthouse Blog fail to show, don't know why. Get papers and shopping in after 6pm. The Local History File on Isles FM mentions mrs B and her relatives by name.

Sunday 30/04/06

I'm out of bed after everybody else has left for the day, or for their next destination as in the case of the Canadians. Forgot to mention that bird flu has surfaced in Norfolk. Several farms have an infection with the H7N3 strain, a less pathogenic form of the disease. BBC Countryfile has started a photographic competition related to the weather, which will last until September 8th. Have a look on Open to UK residents, max 4 pics per entry. Weather today is singularly uninspiring and it gets worse. By the end of the afternoon, it comes on to rain. This morning the lifeboat went out, heading south. The helicopter followed not long after. It turned out that a support boat had reported 3 divers missing, who had gone drift diving, whatever that be. The three turned up before the rescue services did. Mrs B cooks the Greek lamb dish, which turns out quite magnificently, have a look in the gallery. People drive past on their way to church, the ladies adorned with their hats.

Saturday 29/04/06

After a late start, we watch the clouds breaking gradually. I help mrs B by digging a little bit in the back garden, but this is such a huge job actually, that a small excavator might be more use. The wheelbarrow I used yesterday collapsed because of rust, and I nearly collapse myself. Make a foray into town for papers and stationery. On my return, mrs B's sister and her husband turn up for a visit. I head out to take pictures of the boats on Goat Island. The Cuma is still on the slip, without a propellor. Other people are getting their boats ready for the summer. Find big patches of lichens on the causeway seawall. Two sets of guests turn up: a couple who are here for the weekend for a family reunion. Later, two Canadian ladies roll up from the ferry. They are on a whistlestop tour of Europe. Mrs B has lasagna for supper.

Friday 28/04/06

Cloudy but dry morning. All guests are leaving today. The Dutch couple went to Harris, the lady to Ullapool on the 1.45 ferry. The tide dips to another low at 2.30, leaving the bottom of the basin exposed. Two boys try to cross the outflow on their bicycles, but get stuck. They have to hurry to disengage from the quicksand. I head out to the shops for a few bits and pieces. The weather is overcast and very boring. The vessel which has been loading the Pelamis units has departed overnight. Yesterday, the Stornoway Gazette carried a sample letter of objection to the windfarms. We'll have to await the decision of the Scottish Executive on this.