Friday 24/11/06

Very nice day, quite sunny with some clouds. Storms are expected over eastern England, but we're very calm - in the eye of the storm you see. The Russian who is thought to have been poisoned died last night in hospital. The circles of this stone in the pond are beginning to spread. He was found to have a large amount of polonium-210 in his system. How did it get there. See separate entry. Ferry was 20-30 minutes late getting into port today. Head into town for a few purchases. Gulls sat on the quayside of a virtually empty Lazy Corner and a seal bobbed in the Inner Harbour off the Esplanade Quay. Had a nice meal with mrs B whilst watching television.

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ADB said...

As you have been great in doing, you captured moments in time...enjoyed every photo taken. Hope your weekend's going well.
#4 Comment from springangel235 - 25/11/06 23:32

very pretty pictures Guido..loved #2...a little mystery in that picture.....not because you dont know what it is but just how it made me feel...-Raven
#3 Comment from rebuketheworld - 25/11/06 09:58

Sounds like you had a nice day.
#2 Comment from lanurseprn - 25/11/06 00:42

Glad to hear you had a nice quiet day, same here.
Have a good weekend.
#1 Comment from sugarsweet056 - 25/11/06 00:33