Sunday 19/11/06

Day starts fairly bright, but the weather soon goes downhill. A gale blows up, and windspeeds quickly reach force 8 or 9. Head out at 3pm to catch some pictures of the conditions behind the Coastguard Station - see entries made on the day. Heavy spray flies over the causeway, and large swells come in off the Minch. The wind appears to increase after nightfall, with curtains of spray coming over the causeway. The gulls have a great time hovering on the 40 mph winds. Walk round the Battery, but nothing much stirs. At 5pm, the wind is at 45 knots (50 mph) gusting to 55 knots (63 mph), much like elsewhere down the west coast. That is the topspeed; after 7pm, the gale gradually abates. Mrs B's son comes to stay the night, because of refurbishment work on his house.

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