Thursday 23/11/06

Very dreich day, in which not much happens. A boat lies on the slipway at Goat Island, which looks like a converted old lifeboat. It's absolutely tipping it down, so I'm very grateful for being given a lift round town. I don't drive. I notice a big dollop of seaweed on the Goat Island causeway, left there by the gales a few days ago. Heard that the Medical Director to Western Isles Health Board is going into retirement, seeing as his position has been made redundant. He was one of the evil trio that were on my quitlist. Today was Thanksgiving in the island.

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ADB said...

cool lifeboat Guido! glad that the bad guy left!
#4 Comment from lurkynat - 04/12/06 06:49

So, is he the only one of the evil trio that you've been able to strike off your list now?
#3 Comment from helmswondermom - 01/12/06 17:57

Think this strange, I miss seeing seaweed at the beaches...enjoyed your photo. The photos are all great...Happy Thanksgiving to your Island...
#2 Comment from springangel235 - 25/11/06 23:35

Happy TG, for the island.
#1 Comment from sugarsweet056 - 25/11/06 00:32