Sunday 10/12/06

A very disturbed night, with strong winds hurling heavy rain against the windows. Windspeeds reach 51 mph between 6 and 7 am, with gusts up to 63 mph. Rain and wind relent through the morning, although it does stay wet throughout the day. Assist in putting up Christmas tree plus lights. Ornaments to be added tomorrow. Daylight is failing by the time the tree stands. News comes through of the death of former Chilean dictator Pinochet, at the age of 91. Good riddance. Supper: Chili con carne with sliced pineapple.

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ADB said...

our orchids and Christmas flowers are lovely. So is your tree. I'm loving all the Christmas pictures in the journals. Yum, you do eat well. Chris
#2 Comment from cacklinrosie101 - 17/12/06 16:40

The pictures of your house are nice, Guido. Just a peek into your world.
#1 Comment from lanurseprn - 16/12/06 23:33