Saturday 09/12/06

Bright start with showers in the vicinity. The lady who arrived last night, departs again on the 1.45pm ferry. Tomorrow will see some very windy conditions, which are likely to continue into next week. It is a nice, sunny day but a wee bit cold. Go into town after dark to picture the Christmas Illuminations which were lit last Thursday. The weather then was cold, wet and windy. A funfair is set up on the North Beach Quay, which is well patronised. Cross over there down Bank Street, where I shoot a brief video. Carry on to Woolworths, where I obtain today's lottery tickets. Nicolson's provide papers, including a year-end edition of "Back in the Day", a historical publication. Return near 6pm, when the weather starts to turn. Temperatures touches zero near 6.20pm, but after the clouds pass over the rain begins and the mercury tips 8C at 10pm. We have lemon chicken for supper.

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