Tuesday 07/11/06

Mrs B has a guest in today. He arrived on the plane from Glasgow, only to find out that his work had to be postponed for a day. The weather today is grey and totally uninspiring. I assist mrs B in compiling the recycling bin. Here in the islands, papers, plastics and glass are separated from normal garbage. It is uplifted every 2 weeks. Head out to the shop at 4pm to get food in for the youngsters. Erroneously purchase a tikka madras instead of a tikka massala. The former is rather spicier than the latter. By 9pm, the kids have gone back home and the moon is out.

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ADB said...

Madras curry is too hot for me. I like the Masala variety, but Kormas are my favourite! Have a great day!
#3 Comment from bobandkate - 08/11/06 09:03

Did the kids eat the madras or did you end up making them cheese on toast?lol!!
bella x
#2 Comment from lindapaterson177 - 08/11/06 07:55

When I lived in New York, we had to seperate plastic, glass, papers, etc.
I have no idea what a tikka madras is!
#1 Comment from penniepooh - 08/11/06 00:42