Saturday 16/12/06

Nice morning, if showery, after the overnight low of -2C / 28F. Rose quite late. A diver is missing in the North Sea, 143 miles east of Aberdeen. No further updates. A French fishing vessel comes in for a crew change. That's been going on for nearly a year. They call into port. The old crew goes ashore, and a new one takes over. Brief handover, and 90 minutes later they are off again. The old crew are flown back to France, saving the boat a 1,500 mile roundtrip to its homeport of Lorient. It also saves the company 25% of the normal harbour dues. This discount is awarded if a vessel, coming in to change its crew, manages to do so within 24 hours. Accompanied mrs B to Lewis Crofters to buy potatoes, flowerbulbs and compost.

The prices are ever so slightly dear, if you bother to compare with other stores in town. The bag of compost weighed 20 kg / 45 lb, and was very cumbersome to carry. Had sausage rolls for lunch, after which mrs B received a string of visitors. Her grandson (aged 15) with 2 of his pals. Mrs B's sister called round with her husband. And an old family friend closed proceedings by 6pm. Supper is chicken korma. Lottery: a waste of money. Might as well set light to a £1 banknote (still have them here in Scotland). Hailstones fall down the chimney and hiss in the fire. The windfarms continue to fan the flames of dissent in the island. The Eishken one is as unpopular as the North Lewis one.

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ADB said...

Supper sounds yummy. I love the sound of rain and hail hissing in a fire. I miss a fireplace. I agree with you on the lottery. I've never won a cent so don't waste my time. Have a good one...Chris
#4 Comment from cacklinrosie101 - 17/12/06 16:36

Again, great capture the moment so well...with the clouds. That seems to be a big store...sounds like someone will be busy planting...inside must look awesome!
Take care,

#3 Comment from springangel235 - 17/12/06 15:26

what are you doing for Chistmas dear?
#2 Comment from carolhehe - 17/12/06 08:16

I wish we still had £1 bank notes, the pound coins are so heavy in your purse! Jeannette xx
#1 Comment from jlocorriere05 - 17/12/06 01:43