Monday 13/11/06

After a very late night, I rise by 10 a.m.. Mrs B's relatives are flying back to Glasgow early this evening. They are spending the morning browsing shops. Weather is changeable. Lunch consists of mrs B's minestrone soup. The ferry is half an hour late coming in at lunchtime. I didn't need much in the shop today. Mrs B's relatives finally depart for the plane at 5.30, after which we have a lazy evening. Ever watched shopping channels on Sky? What a total waste of time. I enjoyed the Sherlock Holmes rather more.

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ADB said...

dear Guido
I love Sherlock Holmes! and other myteries on PBS!
#3 Comment from lurkynat - 20/11/06 02:48

I've had a few fleeting glimpses of the shopping channel on Andy's TV, I agree it's all a waste of time. I knew a couple who used to have it on AND watch it from the time they got up till they went to bed! Sad! Jeannette xx
#2 Comment from jlocorriere05 - 17/11/06 09:57

Shopping channels bug me. They can take the simplest item....say... a spoon....and talk about it for HOURS! You couldn't PAY me enough to do that....or watch it! LOL!
#1 Comment from lanurseprn - 16/11/06 21:10