Tuesday 05/12/06

Dreich and drab again today, with occasional rain. It feels cold in the 6C out there. Mrs B takes in a new guest, who will be here until March. He is attending a course at the Castle College. Tropical storm Durian leaves a trail of flooding across southern Vietnam, before petering out off Malaya. This system claimed the lives of more than 1,000 in the Philippines, and nearly 100 died in Vietnam. Durian has become the deadliest storm this year. In the afternoon, I head into town to have my mugshot taken. First of all, buy the papers, photo albums to put 450 pictures into (a job that I complete later in the evening) and a magazine. I dive into the library to avoid the rain, and read the latest book by South Uist native Christina Hall, who has moved to Roy Bridge. The book is appropriately called the Road to Glen Spean (Roy Bridge is in Glen Spean). Incidentally, the railway at that village was blocked by flooding today. Supper was pork fillets with ratatouille.

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ADB said...

a mugshot and yet I don't see it in your About Me section?! ;-)

Stay warm and dry!

#3 Comment from amy122389 - 06/12/06 23:54

Sounds like a good day, except for the rain...the library is always a nice place to drop into...take care!
#2 Comment from springangel235 - 06/12/06 21:52

Sounds like a nice day. Lots of photos you have!
#1 Comment from lanurseprn - 06/12/06 14:05