Wednesday 29/11/06

It's a wild night with lashing rain and howling winds. Only by morning do things improve. Isles FM reports on yesterday's proceedings at Stornoway Sheriff Court. The workmen go home on the lunchtime ferry; mrs B's next guest was expected off the plane early this morning, but he does not appear until 5pm. By midday, the sun is out. A typhoon is making for the Philippines with winds up to 150 mph. Molly Campbell is ordered to surrender to the British High Commission in Lahore, much to her and her daddy's chagrin. Misbah's custody is to be sorted out in Scotland. The national news is full of it. Don't manage to get to the shop until 5.30, by which time the Glasgow Herald is sold out. Another trip to the filling station is required, up the Newton backstreets. Dinner is chili con carne with sliced peaches. Watch cops chase crooks on TV. Again?! Tomorrow will see more - gales!

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