Monday 06/11/06

Awoke to the news that Inverness and environs are without water, as is the West Side of Lewis. The latter stretches from Callanish in the south to Galson in the north, a distance of some 25 to 30 miles. Isles FM cheers you up at the start of the week by giving us a rundown of drunken vandalism and loutishness. One person was arrested for attempted murder. The weather is quite variable, but acceptable. Temperatures rise to 12C / 54F. When I go into town I notice a different Coastguard Tug in : the Anglian Sovereign. This vessel was involved in an incident last year, when it was steered onto rocks at Shetland because its master was drunk. An oil spill had to be contained, and the captain was taken to court. Mrs B's grandkids return from school at 4pm and have their suppers at 6.15. I have mine at 7pm, whilst listening to the juicy drama in BBC Radio 4's The Archers. Yes, I'm an Archers addict of 24 years' standing.

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ADB said...

Drunken Vandals....attempted murder? Wow...I thought you were talking of MY city for a minute there!
54 degrees...I wish! I'm dreaming of cooler days.
I don't know what "The Archers" is. Not sure if we get that here.
Have a good night.
#1 Comment from lanurseprn - 07/11/06 23:03