Sunday 03/12/06

Sunday dawns calm and fairly sunny. The barometer is right down, at 959 mbar. The low pressure system is sitting directly overhead - we're in the eye of the storm. Strong winds cause problems for our tanker, the Border Heather, when she loses engine power off Wick. She is later towed to safety. Wales gets wind gusts of 100 mph and powerlines are downed. Torrential rain falls in the Highlands. Here? Cool and occasional sun. Like yesterday, I'm not showing my face out of doors, bar for taking piccies. Supper is pastabake. Typhoon Durian is now making Vietnam, after battering the Philippines. Rain and stronger winds commence later in the evening.

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ADB said...

wow guido! you guys really get teh big storms! cheers!
#1 Comment from lurkynat - 08/12/06 05:55