Saturday 11/11/06

A very windy morning, with some quite beefy and squally showers. Observed the 2 minutes' silence at 11.00 AM. Went to the supermarket after midday to get a large amount of shopping in for mrs B. Her relatives go to the pool. I get wet in a downpour on the way to the shop, thought I could make it before it began. Nope. The lunchtime ferry does not depart until 2.30, which is 45 minutes late. A tanker is reported to have been hit by a huge wave, as a result of which 2 members of the crew suffered fatal injuries. It was en route from Scapa Flow to Houston, Texas, but turned back following the incident. The Orkney lifeboat and the Stornoway coastguard helicopter attended the scene. Conditions were described as horrendous, with 20 ft waves and 60 mph winds. Dinner is spag bol (again) with a toffee pavlova as sweet.

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ADB said...

I'm so sorry about the tanker being hit and those two men losing their lives. I know the seas get really rough around Scotland in the winter. Jeannette xx
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