Monday 04/12/06

Awoke to a very drab and drizzly day. The ferry didn't sail this morning, and Calmac's services are disrupted up and down the West Coasst. Flooding is reported from the Highlands. The barometer has risen to 976 mbar, still quite low. The clouds break - in time for sunset. In the supermarket, the shelves are bare, as there was no ferry in this morning. The P&J is sold out early. And Sandwick Road is flooded off the industrial estate. Supper is chicken korma. Finally watch a team of army climbers tackle Mount Everest on TV.

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ADB said...

cool! guido did youe ver do rockf ace mountain climbing? I bet chicken darma is delicious!
#2 Comment from lurkynat - 08/12/06 05:54

hugs Guido
#1 Comment from lurkynat - 08/12/06 05:52