Saturday 25/11/06

Reasonably nice day with occasional sunshine. The Press and Journal, my daily rag, did not arrive today. Buy The Scotsman instead, but don't find it a lot of good. Somerfields have rearranged their supermarket shelves, making shopping a bit of a search party. Lottery didn't yield any prizes, and mrs B is considering stopping buying tickets. Flooding is reported from England; heavy rain is falling in Lochaber and Argyll. The hurricane season will be ending this week, but the Western Pacific spawns a new typhoon. It will affect the Philippines by next Friday with winds of around 160 mph. The two workmen will be staying over the weekend, in order to complete their job at the Carloway Health Centre.

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ADB said...

I hate it when supermarkets rearrange things!
#4 Comment from helmswondermom - 01/12/06 21:13

Beautiful pictures. Pic #2 took my breath away!! Gorgeous! I stopped buying lottery tickets, too. I didn't EVER win. Not even the small prize of $5!!
I don't like when the market rearranges things. Makes it hard for me. They seem to do it about once a year or so.

I hope England doesn't have too bad of a time with the flooding. Have a good night.

#3 Comment from lanurseprn - 27/11/06 23:44

Love the pictures, Guido! Your weather looks a bit like ours here in California, although I'm sure you are far colder!

#2 Comment from siennastarr - 27/11/06 20:08

love that first picture! I don't know why dark clouds soothe me, but they do... :) All these years of living in hot tropical places has made me long for anything but heat and sunshine, I s'pose......

Happy day to you!


#1 Comment from amy122389 - 27/11/06 17:04