Wednesday 22/11/06

Reasonably nice day, which starts early as I watch the 7.15 ferry depart for Ullapool. Radio Scotland accuses it of being 45 minutes late, but it's timetabled to leave at 7.15, not 6.30 a.m.. Later on in the day, mrs B starts to chase up her errant guests, who apparently missed their ferry in Uig (Skye) and spent the night in their van. At least they did turn up in the end. Fairly bright day, which sees a heron fishing in the basin. Journals still fail to cheer up mrs B.

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ADB said...

Again, you captured the moments in time! Thinking of Mrs. B...hope she cheers up soon...
#2 Comment from springangel235 - 25/11/06 23:37

Why is Mrs B sad? I hope she's ok.
#1 Comment from lanurseprn - 25/11/06 00:30