Monday 27/11/06

Sunny but windy start to the day. At midday, the wind reaches force 7. The ferry is running on time. After lunch, I go round to the Coastguard Station to take pictures of the waves, as their plumes are blown over the causeway. Return to the town centre to buy a bulb for mrs B and some food for myself. Manage to get the CD burner to work again on the PC, which gave me some bother last night. I downloaded a program, but it's a bit DIY what the program should be doing. Rain starts to lash down after sunset (currently at 3.45pm), and it turns nasty. The ferry is not coming back from Ullapool. Isles FM doesn't find that terribly important, and fails to mention it on their early evening news bulletins. The evening stays wild, but the moon appears from behind the clouds. Winds here are at 35 knots, gale force 8, but up at North Rona, out in the open Atlantic, it's at 56 knots, force 11. This wind occurs up and down the west coast.

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ADB said...

You just don't know how much you make me want to be able to listen to Isles FM! I have an antique radio (the kind with tubes; I can't think what it's called!?!) that my Dad gave me. I wonder if it still works? I used to pick up stations in Europe and South America quite clearly. Wonder if I could pick up your local station? It sounds so entertaining!
#1 Comment from helmswondermom - 03/12/06 03:08