Tuesday 28/11/06

Very disturbed night, with strong winds and heavy rain. By dawn, things die down and a clearance develops. Mrs B has to get up early to give the workmen their breakfast at 7 am. They leave for their job at Carloway at 7.30, and I briefly nip downstairs for a cuppa at 7.40. Isles FM reports that the stepfather of Molly Campbell has been committed for trial on a charge of breach of the peace at his own home. He swore, shouted and denied his wife and baby daughter access to the house. Meanwhile in Lahore, judgment on Molly Campbell's custody row is to be passed on Wednesday. Although the morning passes reasonably sunny, the weather deteriorates sharply after 12 noon. Winds reach galeforce and the rain lashes down. Mrs B has to go out and post a letter, just round the corner, at 1.30. Now, when it rains and blows here, you don't use an umbrella, you use a mac. Mrs B used both. As a result, she nearly took off up Island Road. Weather improves after the ferry departs late (2.30), although a few downpours pass over before sunset at 3.40. I get caught in one on returning from Somerfields. As the P&J is sold out, I go to the filling station. Dinner is sweet & sour chicken, and I spend the evening watching cops chasing crooks.

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ADB said...

Poor Mrs. B. Maybe that's who I saw flying by in the wind, instead of Mary Poppins! No, just joking. Please don't tell her I said that; she is already very suspicious of us.
#2 Comment from helmswondermom - 03/12/06 03:16

Poor Mrs B... hee... that's why I tell myself I shouldn't go on a diet and lose weight...otherwise a strong wind would blow me away! Our hurricane season in Florida is done for the year, but we really never got much of anything this year...

#1 Comment from amy122389 - 02/12/06 15:30