Thursday 09/11/06

Today's activities started with the unwelcome outage of AOL Journals. Their Helpservice was about as helpful as a chocolate teapot. After lunch, I head out for Cuddy Point to take autumn pictures. It feels cold and clammy, although it's not windy today. Saw a heron on the shore, and ducks in the harbour. Bought the Thursday papers. They mention the arrangements for Remembrance Sunday. There is also this ad for World Toilet Day on November 19th. Have a chicken korma for supper. Watch Eorpa, the Gaelic current affairs programme on BBC2 at 7.30, which focuses on the current situation in Kosovo. They also mention that the island of Vatersay, linked to Barra via a causeway, is in danger of being cut in two through coastal erosion. The sound of powerful engines eminates from Goat Island after 11pm, and a glance out of the window reveals the lifeboat alongside a fishingboat. Later info reveals the fishing vessel had been towed in by the lifeboat as it was sinking. It was hurriedly pulled up on the slipway for a quick repair. I go out to Goat Island and encounter a very friendly cat along the way. It even allows me to pick it up and carry it across the island. After my return, the wind picks up and it starts to bucket with rain.

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ADB said...

Well I got this AOLalert last night and I didnt sleep a wink. Paul mentioned that its a glitch in the system and he is right. I wish I had thought of it..the alert sounded like a death threat...I wrote AOL TOS and everything...So sometimes these glitches have more surprises than not being able to leave
#2 Comment from rebuketheworld - 12/11/06 10:12

Beautiful shots! I have to ask...what kind of camera do you have that takes such good night pictures?
#1 Comment from lanurseprn - 12/11/06 03:06